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How To Make Your Conservatory Warmer

How To Make Your Conservatory Warmer

Older conservatories – or conservatories of poor construction – could not hold the correct temperature all year round. If yours is too hot during spring and summer, and far too cold at all other times, there are steps you can take to rectify the issue and make your conservatory more energy efficient. By doing so, you’ll be rewarded with a room you can enjoy all year round, whatever the weather.

The conservatory roof is where a lot of the heat will be lost, which is why a replacement system can often be all that’s needed to bring the structure in question up to modern standards.

Rather than rebuilding at great expense, you can make some smaller changes and turn your room into a space that can be used all year long – and for almost any purpose that you see fit.

Astral Direct has extensive experience of helping customers in Surrey and the South London areas with their conservatory requirements – so please feel free to contact us if you have a question.

Three Tips For Making Your Conservatory Warmer This Year

If your conservatory has become relegated to little more than a glorified storeroom, here are a few things you can do to breathe new life into your room space and make it functional again.

Selecting The Best Conservatory Roof

As mentioned, most critical heat loss occurs through the roof space, so replacing your existing system with a modern and better performing one is advisable.

Glass Conservatory Roof

Although not necessarily the best choice if you’re replacing an existing roof – glass systems tend to be heavier – you will love this option if you want to fill your room with light. Despite being extensively glazed, these systems won’t make your room too hot during summer, either.

These days, a wide range of high-performance glazing options are available. For example, you can opt to have low-emissivity glass that will prevent most solar rays from penetrating. At the same time, this clever low e-glass will also stop too much hot air from escaping.

Tiled Conservatory Roof

The lightweight design of a tiled conservatory roof means that it is compliant with existing building regulations, making it ideal for homeowners replacing their existing system.

Tiled conservatory roofs excel when it comes to thermal efficiency and ours even come with two glazing options: full-height or Velux windows (or just tiled, if that’s what you prefer).

Solid Conservatory Roof

Solid conservatory roofs are also used as part of renovation projects, where people want to update their roof but keep the frames and foundations of their existing conservatory.

As with our tiled and glass-based systems, high-performance glass can be used to further improve thermal efficiency and make the room space more cost-efficient to run.

Other Things To Think About:

  • By adding carpeting or some form of flooring, you’ll be able to further minimise heat loss
  • Replace your existing double glazed units if they are old or no longer performing well
  • Have an independent heating system fitted with its own thermostat control
  • Investigate the cost of underfloor heating system, if your budget allows
  • Make sure that interior doors are left closed during autumn and winter

Making Your Conservatory Warmer: FAQs

Do New Conservatory Roofs Meet Building Regulations?

Any conservatory roof you choose will need to meet building regulations. Your installer should work closely with you to ensure your installation is compliant. Our conservatory roofs are manufactured to each customer’s postcode to account for snow and wind loading.

What Sort Of Overall U-Value Can I Expect From My Roof?

The overall U-value of your roof will be influenced by other factors, such as the quality of your double glazed units and what other precautions you’ve taken to prevent heat loss. You can also choose enhancements to upgrade the performance of your roof and boost its thermal performance.

What Can I Do To Stop My Conservatory Getting Too Hot?

It’s all too easy to focus on preventing your conservatory from getting too cold. But if your room overheats without enough ventilation being provided, your room will become damp and you could experience problems like mould and condensation. Many conservatory roofs have roof vents to allow air in and these devices can be operated manually or remotely.

Choose tilt and turn double glazing to capture breezes that other windows might miss and redirect that cool air back into your conservatory where it’s needed.

In terms of choosing the best doors, the bi-folding and patio styles open the widest and will let more fresh air into your room than, say, a brand new French door.

Would You Like To Ask Astral Direct A Question?

If you want some advice about how to make your conservatory warmer, please call or email our team today for an informal chat. You can also look around some of your conservatories using a Virtual Reality Tool or design your ideal room by visiting our quoting tool.


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How To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Conservatory

How To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Conservatory

If your existing conservatory was fitted a long time ago, it may not be meeting modern performance standards in terms of thermal efficiency. This means that your room will be losing heat through the most critical point in its structure: the roof.

Assuming your conservatory is structurally sound – with the exception of a poorly-performing conservatory roof – there are measures that can taken to rectify the problem and convert your conservatory into a living space you can enjoy all year round.

Whether you’re updating your conservatory in Surrey or South London, you’re bound to find our short guide a valuable resource.

Three Ways To Make Your Conservatory More Energy Efficient

Here are some ideas for you to consider if your conservatory is too cold to spend time in during the winter, and too hot at all other times.

Choose The Right Conservatory Roof For You

A broad range of conservatory roofs are available, with the three most common and popular options being as follows:

Glass Conservatory Roofs

If you want to increase the amount of natural light into your conservatory, a glass-based system will be your best bet. Glazing technology has evolved considerably in recent years, which means that you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of glass options.

Low-emissivity glass is available, for example, which will prevent your conservatory becoming a tinderbox during the warmer seasons. At the same time, low e-glazing will create a thermal barrier that locks warm air in at all other times.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Tiled conservatory roofs are lighter than glass-based systems. They are well-insulated too, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy a room that’s a comfortable temperature all year round.

Our tiled conservatory roofs are fitted without glass; alternatively, full-height glazing or Velux window can be incorporated into the design – it all comes down to personal preference.

Solid Conservatory Roofs

Solid conservatory roofs are just as effective at keeping conservatories warm. Whether you want to create a new living area, playroom or work area, this roof system is worth a closer look.

There are many different product choices available. Our systems are unique, in that customers can choose the shape of their glazing and where to place it in their conservatory roof.

Other Considerations:

  • Add carpeting, tiling or laminate flooring to help prevent heat loss in your conservatory
  • Update or repair your double glazing if your existing units were fitted a long time ago
  • Install a heating system with independent thermostatic controls in your room
  • If you have the budget, consider having underfloor heating added
  • Keep internal doors closed – especially during colder weather

Thermally Efficient Conservatories: FAQs

Will My New Replacement Conservatory Roof Meet Building Regs?

If you choose your replacement conservatory roof from Astral Direct, it will meet the thermal efficiency requirements of existing building regulations in your area – so you won’t need to worry about compliance issues further down the line.

What Overall U-Value Should My Conservatory Produce?

Recommended U-values vary depending on where you live and the regulatory body in question. The lower the overall U-value score, the more effective the entity in question is at retaining heat. This means that a window which produces a value of 1.2 is a better purchase than one that achieves 1.8.

How Do I Stop My Conservatory From Getting Too Warm?

It’s right to be concerned about your conservatory overheating. If your room starts to effectively ‘sweat,’ you’ll end up with damp, condensation or mould. Modern conservatories, orangeries and extensions are fitted with vents that can be manually or electronically operated – allowing you to let in cooling breezes to regulate the internal climate of your room.

To make your conservatory even more effective at ventilation, choose tilt and turn windows, as they can capture passing breezes that other double glazing styles might miss.

Bi-fold and patio doors are viable choices, as they can be opened to a wider extent than French doors. This means you’ll be able to stay cool whenever it gets too warm.

Is Underfloor Heating A Good Choice For My Conservatory?

Underfloor heating can improve the thermal efficiency of a conservatory. Bear in mind that there are two types: electrical- and water-based systems. Think about the type of flooring you’re going to use, as access may be required later on for the purposes of repairs or maintenance.

Do You Have a Question About Thermal Efficiency?

If you do, call or email the Astral Direct team to discuss your question in more detail. You can even explore the features of our many conservatory roofs by using our VR tool – or get a online price using our design app on your preferred online device


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Double Glazing v Triple Glazing

Double Glazing V Triple Glazing

Do you really need to switch from double glazing to triple glazing? The latter option is being mentioned by double glazing installers with greater frequency – just turn on your car radio and listen to the advertisements if you need further proof.

Surely the UK isn’t cold enough to warrant the additional expense of triple glazing, which is surely going to be more expensive. But if that’s true, why are the companies selling these products talking about improved U-values and cost savings?

Standard double glazing should yield at least a U-value score of 1.6, which is the minimum requirement set by current Building Regulations. But, seeing as triple glazing can vastly improve on this, isn’t it time for you to make that change?

In this informative blog, we’ll guide you through the double glazing v triple glazing minefield, so that you can make an informed choice.

Astral Direct works with customers in Surrey and South London, so please contact us if you have a question about this topic today.

The Advantages Of Double Glazing?

Here are some initial ideas for you to consider:

It’s Not Just About Your Double Glazing

Visit any discussion topic surrounding the topic of double glazing vs triple glazing, and you’ll find that most of the discussion involves talking about windows and doors. In fact, to really make your home warm and comfortable, you’ll have to make some other changes.

If you neglect to properly insulate the roof, floor and walls of your home, your new triple glazing will have less of an impact. The same is true in reverse, of course. Your glazing and insulation must, therefore, be of the same high standard if you want to enjoy lower U-values.

Studies Support The Benefits Of Triple Glazing

Bearing in mind the previous point made about triple glazing working in tandem with well-chosen insulation for your walls, roof and floor, you could improve the thermal performance of your home drastically.

Studies have been extensively completed by an independent organisation in Germany called The Passivhaus Institute. Their findings support the view that upgrading to triple glazing is an excellent idea.

The reason that double glazing is an inferior choice is best explained by measuring the surface temperature of triple glazed window compared to a double glazed one – in which case you’ll find that:

  • The double glazed window has a surface temperature of 16°C
  • The triple glazed window has a surface temperature of 18°C

Triple Glazed Windows Absorb More Heat

There is an argument to support the fact that triple glazed windows absorb more heat than those that are triple glazed, which makes them less of a viable proposition.

That said, modern advancements in glazing technology mean that you can buy low-emissivity glass that will prevent your home, conservatory or extension from getting too hot.

To make matters even more complex, there has been talk of introducing quadruple glazing, but these units are likely to be too heavy to make them a popular choice in the UK.

Triple Glazing FAQs

Is Triple Glazing Available In Different Styles?

Yes, you can purchase your windows and doors in a range of styles to suit your requirements – so it’s no different to buying conventional double glazing.

Is Triple Glazing Pricier Than Double Glazing?

You’ll tend to find that triple glazing is slightly more expensive than double glazing, although it should save you money in the long term by reducing

Is Triple Glazing Harder To Install?

Triple glazing is heavier, but any reputable installer that you choose will be able to fit your windows and doors without any issues or inconvenience.

How Much Money Will I Save?

The amount of money you save will, as mentioned earlier, depend on a range of related factors: the quality of your triple glazing, how well it is fitted and the other measures you’ve taken to insulate your roof, walls and flooring. Astral Direct can advise its customers on making the right choices.

What U-Value Will I Get?

We cannot calculate the U-value for you without knowing what doors and windows you’ve chosen for your triple glazing. We would also need to know what other precautions you’ve taken to reduce heat loss in your home or extension. But your overall score will be lower than if you chose double glazing – and lower, in this case, is actually a good thing.

Do You Have A Question For Us?

To discuss the merits of double glazing v triple glazing, call or email the Astral Direct team You can also view our range of doors and windows to get inspiration.


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Why Choose A Tiled Conservatory Roof?

Why Choose A Replacement Conservatory Roof?

If your existing conservatory roof was poorly fitted the first time, or was installed a long time ago, it is likely to be too cold during the winter and too hot during the summer. This problem can, in many cases, be attributed to the roof itself – with the frames and foundations of the structure in question being of a sound quality.

A replacement conservatory roof is often a viable solution, as it meets modern performance standards in terms of thermal efficiency and, due to its lightweight design, complies with planning requirements and building regulations imposed by local authorities.

Of course, a replacement conservatory roof can be customised to suit the appearance of the property to which it is matched. This means that it’s possible to improve the market appeal of your home – thereby making it more attractive to buyers – simply by updating your system to a modern and higher-performing alternative.

Three Benefits Of Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Our customers in Surrey and South London are always keen to uncover the full range of benefits that come with a tiled conservatory roof.

Here are just three of the advantages of choosing a tiled system for your home – whether you’re replacing or building from scratch:

Don’t Rebuild, Replace

The lightweight design of tiled conservatory roofs makes them the perfect choice for home improvement scenarios whereby a structure is, in any other way, sound. If your frames and foundations are of good quality, you can bring your conservatory, orangery or extension up-to-date by replacing your old system.

By replacing instead of rebuilding, you’ll save money, time and hassle. That said, replacement conservatory roofs should also be of interest to anyone who is starting from scratch and wants to add value to their conservatory project.

Solid and Glazed Systems

When people think of replacement conservatory roofs, they often think that these systems are completely solid. Although it’s possible to have tiles throughout, glazing can be incorporated to fill the space below with lots of vital light.

There are many different tiled roofs out there, and so the compositional make-up of yours will depend on which one you choose. Our version can include full-height glazing that can be substituted with Velux windows instead.

Better Thermal Efficiency

Tiled conservatory roofs are more effective at retaining heat than standard polycarbonate systems. Because conservatories, orangeries and extensions are being used more like rooms these days, it’s important to stay warm.

You’ll be able to lower your energy costs and experience better overall U-values one you’ve instructed your local installer to fit a new tiled conservatory roof. The size of your carbon footprint will also noticeably decrease.

Tiled Conservatory Roof FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Can I Customise My Tiled Conservatory Roof?

You can customise your new conservatory roof, so that it meets your aesthetic and performance standards. For example, ours can be installed using a range of tile colours, so that your installation is sympathetic with the experience of your main property.

How Heavy Is A Tiled Conservatory Roof?

The weight of your roof will vary depending on the system that you choose. However, replacement conservatory roofs are lighter, which makes them ideal for homeowners who want to bring their existing conservatory or extension up-to-date.

How Quickly Can One Be Installed At My Home?

The lightweight design of a tiled system makes it easier to manipulate on site, reducing installation times. As an example, ours are prefabricated off-site, which means no messy or noisy cutting is needed when working at one of our customers’ properties.

What Glass Options Can I Choose From?

A tiled conservatory roof of market-leading quality will come with a range of glazing options available. Low-emissivity glass that reduces heat loss – and self-cleaning glass that burns off grimy deposits when it rains – are just two common options.

What If I Live In A Heritage Site?

A tile-based system is often preferable if a home is located in a heritage site, conservation area or area of natural beauty. Tiled conservatory roofs blend in well with the local character of a given area and comply better with planning requirements and building regulations.

How Much Does A Tiled Conservatory Roof Cost?

A tiled conservatory roof will vary in cost, depending on the enhancements that you choose. Remember that your installation will save you money on your energy bills, due to its thermally efficient design, while improving your home’s market appeal at the same time.

Ask Our Team A Tiled Conservatory Roof Question

If you want to find out more, please feel free to speak to the Astral Direct team. Contact us today for an informal chat, use our VR tool to explore different products or get a free quote for your home extension project in Surrey or South London.


Slim Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

The Benefits Of Double Glazing

The Benefits Of Double Glazing

As professional experts in the field of double glazing and home improvements, we are often asked questions by our customers in the Surrey and the South London areas. The most common query that comes up most often is: ‘what are the benefits of installing double glazing in my home’?

Compared to single glazing, there is a wide range of advantages when it comes to replacing your existing units and replacing them with modern and high-performing alternatives. Better performance and improved aesthetics are the two main benefits you’ll notice straight away.

The real question is this: ‘Can you afford not to replace your double glazing?’ Poorly installed windows and doors – or units that were fitted a long time ago – will be costing you money and decreasing the value of your property!

Three Advantages Of Double Glazing

Improved Thermal Efficiency

You need to replace your existing double glazing with modern windows and doors that will more effectively retain heat, while also stopping cold air from penetrating your home and contributing to the development of mould, condensation and other unwanted problems which can lead to more extensive damage and expensive house repairs.


What you are aiming for is a lower overall U-value, which is described by a numerical value. The lower the score, the more effective the window or door is at creating a thermal barrier that’ll keep your home comfortable. Guidelines vary depending on location.

So, when looking online for double glazing in the Surrey or South London area, take care to research what score your doors or windows will yield. You may also want to check the recommended U-value for your location by checking existing building regulations.

Naturally, the lower the U-value, the more cost-efficient the double glazing. Your home will be more energy efficient as a result and produce a notably smaller carbon footprint, which means you’ll be having a more positive effect on the environment. Why not enquire further now.

Your Choice of Double Glazing Styles

Although performance matters, homeowners often decide to fit new double glazing because they want to improve the appearance of their property – simply to bring it up to date or with a view to selling for a profit in the future.

A wide range of double glazing styles and finishes are available too. If you need to update your windows, the casement style is ideal for almost any kind of property. Alternatively, bow and bay windows create more internal space and create an external feature.

Alternatively, explore the many front door and back door options available. Bi-fold doors that feature high glass-to-frame ratios – and strong composite doors designed to greet guests in style – are just two examples of the double glazing choices you’ll be able to discover.

Double Glazing FAQs

Can I Customise My Windows and Doors?

Yes, you’ll be able to customise your windows and doors by selecting a colour to suit your home. Different textures are available, too. For example, you can request a woodgrain foil to be added to your design if you like the look of wooden window or doors. The appearance and performance of your double glazing can be further improved by upgrading your glass and hardware and by adding accessories.

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

Inevitably, the cost of double glazing will vary depending on the quality of the profile you are buying and whether you choose to upgrade your design by adding key enhancements. For example, choosing non standard colour or foil – or upgrading your security hardware – will bump up the overall cost of your purchase. A reputable installer will be happy to quote on any extras before asking for money.

What Double Glazing Material Is Best?

You’ll be able to choose from a range of options, depending on the company you choose. The three most popular materials used are: uPVC, wood, aluminium. These three options have been arranged in price order to help you. Each of these options is equally valid and will bring with it a range of unique benefits.

As a guide:

  • Aluminium is stronger than uPVC and wood and less of it is needed, resulting in double glazing that features more glass and less frame
  • uPVC is the affordable option and be design-tweaked to look like wood if you can’t afford the cost of wooden double glazing
  • Wood is ideal for properties in heritage areas, although it requires extensive upkeep – so you will need to bear this fact in mind

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How Long Will My Double Glazing Last?

Again, how long your double glazing lasts will depend on a range of factors: (i) the quality of the product; (ii) who installs your windows and doors; and (iii) the material you choose. As an example, a good aluminium window will could last for decades.

Do You Have a Double Glazing Question?

If you live in Surrey or the South London area, contact the Astral Direct team with any questions you have. We won’t pressure you to buy anything. Call or email us today or explore a range of design options using our free quoting tool.