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Key Features

  • Extruding Design

  • uPVC Framework

  • Double or Triple Glazing

  • Robust Locking Systems

  • Colour Options

  • Accessory Choices

uPVC Bow and Bay Windows Surrey

uPVC bow and bay windows can brighten up any home in Surrey. More often seen on traditional homes across South London, these window frames are becoming increasingly more popular thanks to their range of practical and visual benefits. Our bow and bay frames are made using uPVC and can be fitted with either double or triple glazing, where applicable.

Deceuninck Frames

As members of Sternfenster’s installer network, we can offer our customers across Surrey with market leading Deceuninck window frames. As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, we can rely on them for a consistent supply of high quality uPVC bow and bay window frames.

Extruding Style

uPVC bow and bay windows are defined by having five or seven casement windows that are aligned to naturally extrude from your home. They achieve by having the first three or five sitting parallel to your existing home, before being connecting by the final two windows and extra brickwork.

Bow Windows Sutton

Benefits of our uPVC Bow and Bay Windows

Our traditional uPVC bow and bay windows can provide a host of benefits for new and old homes alike in Surrey and Sutton. Typically fitted to the front of homes, they work perfectly with lounges, dining rooms or even front-facing bedrooms.

A Brighter Home

uPVC Bow and bay windows can help make your home feel naturally brighter and warmer. With two of the windows sitting at the different angle to the rest, more natural light can refract into your home than with a traditional casement window.

What’s more, the extruding style and the natural light combine to make your home feel roomier. This illusion of more space makes these windows perfect for those living in a more modest home, as your lounge or dining area won’t feel cramped or claustrophobic.

Thermal Efficiency

All our uPVC windows are designed to be as thermally efficient as possible. This means that during winter, the double glazing will work to trap as much as of your home’s natural heat as possible. With this, your home will remain at the optimal temperature, whatever the weather.

With this, you may not need to have your heating on as high as you did before. This can potentially lead to you saving money on your utility bills in the long run, while also lowering your carbon footprint. Installing a set of our uPVC bow and bay windows could prove to be a smart long term investment.

More Secure

Here at Astral, we acknowledge that feeling safe in your own home is more imperative than ever before. With this in mind, we only source home improvement products that come with the market’s best and longest lasting locking systems.

What’s more, the inherent strength of the uPVC itself provides your home with an extra layer of security. uPVC has great natural rigidity, as well as being fully weatherproof. The double glazing is also designed to be durable as well, further ensuring your home is protected.

Bay WIndows Surrey

Why Choose Astral Direct?

When making significant renovations to your home, you want to know that you can rely on your local home improvements specialist. Here at Astral, we have over four decades of experience working in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

With this, we believe that we have a keener eye for detail than our competitors while offering a better standard of customer service. We understand that renovating your home can be stressful, so offer 24/7 support to help make it as hassle-free as possible.

As a business, we at Astral are also able to boast a wide range of accreditations. What separates us from the crowd is that each of our installers have individually received Kitemark certification. We have also received backing from FENSA, Certass, Checkatrade and TrustMark.

Bow and Bay Windows Prices

uPVC Bow and Bay Windows Prices Surrey

If you’re interested in having uPVC bow and bay windows installed in your home, then contact us today. We can provide you with accurate prices over the phone. Either leave your details on our online contact form or call us directly on 020 8683 1234.

You can also use our online quoting engine to get estimated prices for our double glazing. You won’t be able to get costs for our bow and bay frames but can get quick and easy prices for any of our other window styles.

Why Choose uPVC Bow and Bay Windows?


Our bow and bay windows are fully weatherproof. This means they are resistant to adverse weather, protecting your home from wind, rain and snow.

Bay Window Prices

Low Maintenance

The uPVC framework used with these windows requires very little maintenance after they’re installed. Just keep the moving parts free of excess dust.

uPVc bow and bay window prices

A Brighter Home

By extruding from the front of your home, bow and bay windows allow more light into your home than any other regularly fitted style of uPVC window.



Bow or bay windows are a set of windows that naturally extrude from the front of your home, with a set of windows forming a trapezium shape with your existing home.

Traditionally, either five or seven individual windows complete a set of uPVC bow and bay windows, with three or five facing forward, and the other two joining back onto your home.


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Pilkington Obscured Glass Range

arctic glass
autumn glass
chantilly glass
charcoal sticks glass
Charcoal Sticks
contora glass
cotswold glass
digital glass
everglade glass
flemish glass
florielle glass
mayflower glass
minister glass
oak glass
pelerine glass
stippolyte glass
sycamore glass
taffeta glass
warwick glass
Bright Bronze
Bright Bronze
Bright Chrome
Bright Chrome
Satin Chrome
Satin Chrome
Antique Black
Antique Black
Bright Chrome
Bright Chrome
Antique Black
Antique Black
Bright Chrome
Bright Chrome
Antique Black
Antique Black

Standard Colour Range

white colour swatch
Chalk White
Grained White Colour Swatch
White Grain
grey colour Swatch
Painswick Colour Swatch
Clotted Cream Colour Swatch
Clotted Cream
Vintage Cream
Vintage Crean
Cotswold Biscuit Colour Swatch
Cotswold Biscuit
Cotswold Green
Cotswold Green
English Oak Colour Swatch
English Oak
Irish Oak Colour Swatch
Irish Oak
Golden Oak Colour Swatch
Golden Oak
Rosewood Colour Swatch
Silvered Oak Colour Swatch
Silvered Oak
Corse Lawn Colour Swatch
Corse Lawn
Eclectic Grey Colour Swatch
Eclectic Grey
Black Colour Swatch

Standard Colour Range

white grain swatch
White Grain / White
classic cream swatch
Classic Cream / White
chartwell green swatch
Chartwell Green / White
irish oak swatch
Irish Oak / White
golden oak swatch
Golden Oak / White
rosewood swatch
Rosewood / White
nuttree swatch
Nut Tree / White
anthracite grey swatch
Anthracite Grey / White
black borwn swatch
Black Brown / White
white grain swatch
White Grain / White Grain
classic cream swatch
Classic Cream / Classic Cream
Chartwell Green
Chartwell Green / Chartwell Green
irish oak swatch
Irish Oak / Irish Oak
golden oak swatch
Golden Oak / Golden Oak
rosewood swatch
Rosewood / Rosewood
nuttree swatch
Nut Tree / Nut Tree
anthracite grey swatch
Anthracite Grey / Anthracite Grey
black brown swatch
Black Brown / Black Brown

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