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Composite Doors, Sutton

Make a Stylish Entrance for Your Home in Sutton

Composite doors look stunning and really deliver when it comes to those all-important performance factors. Our front doors combine outstanding aesthetics with first class security and thermal efficiency for your peace of mind.

Our customers in Sutton choose composite doors from us because they want a professionally installed product that’ll keep their home better protected, while lowering their energy costs and delivering measurably better market appeal.

Speak to one of our design consultants to discuss the many advantages of asking Astral Direct to install a composite door in your property. We’ll be able to tailor the entire design to meet the specification of your home improvement project.

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Composite Doors: Features and Benefits

Composite doors installed by Astral Direct come equipped with a range of features that translate into some very tempting benefits.

Discover why our stunning entrance doors are often the first choice for the customers we work with in and around the Sutton area.

Incredible Strength

Protect your home in Sutton from damage caused by human or environmental factors. Our composite doors are made from a range of high-quality fibres that are compressed for additional strength, then wrapped around a strong central core.

The glass reinforced polyester also contributes to the sheer strength and durability of our composite doors, while also helping each product to retain its looks over time. Your installation will be a fantastic long-term investment for your home.

A Warmer Property

Our composite doors – and other double and triple glazed products – have been designed and tested to make your home warmer. You’ll notice how much warmer your property in Sutton is; your energy bills will also reduce in size once work is completed.

The doors and windows we install meet the requirements and recommendations made by industry bodies like the Energy Saving Trust. You’ll be able to depend on the quality of our composite doors to make your home in Sutton more comfortable.

Virtually No Upkeep

Your time is important. Do you really want to devote many man hours to the upkeep of your new front doors? Given a choice, you’d rather be doing other things – like relaxing in your warmer home while reading a book or entertaining friends and family.

The composite doors we install for customers throughout Sutton and the local area require little more than an infrequent wipe down with a damp cloth to retain their appearance. You’ll have more time to spare when you choose Astral Direct as your installer.

The Safer Option

Old or poorly installed front doors leave homes vulnerable to attack from intruders. Upgrading to a newer and stronger product is essential if you want to protect your family and possessions from those seeking unauthorised access to your property in Sutton.

The composite doors we fit have the strength to resist hard impacts. Each installation includes a multipoint locking system for your peace of mind. The design will also meet the requirements needed to achieve BSI accreditation. Ask for details when calling.

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We Have the Expertise To Help

If you’re thinking about composite doors for your home in Sutton, make sure Astral Direct is included in your design plans. We have the expertise and accreditations to make sure your project is successful.

What sets us apart from other installers? We only source our composite doors from a leading manufacturer. This means the materials, hardware and accessories that we use are always of the highest grade.

We’ll work with you from the outset to make sure nothing is missed, resulting in a residential door that meets your standards in every way. You’ll also be supported by first class customer service throughout.

We understand that price will influence your buying decision. You’ll be able to customise your product to fit your budget. Even without upgrading, your composite door will be a long lasting investment for your home.

Our residential doors can be combined with other market-leading products in our online portfolio to ensure better design continuity. Ask about our superb range of windows and conservatories when talking to our team.

Composite Door Prices, Sutton and Surrounding Areas

Begin your design journey today by talking to one of our friendly and experienced design consultants. In the meantime, use our brand new quotation tool to get an online price in a matter of minutes. Use the app as often as you need to for comparisons on other products that are of interest, too.


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uPVC Casement Windows, Sutton

uPVC Casement Windows That Fit In Anywhere

uPVC casement windows are quite unlike any other style of double glazing. What makes them so unique? The understated design of uPVC casement windows means you can install them almost anywhere.

Whether your home in Sutton is new build or traditional, you can instruct us to fit uPVC casement windows – safe in the knowledge your property will look all the better for it. Contact our team today.

uPVC Casement Windows: Features and Benefits

There are many reasons to choose uPVC casement windows ahead of other double glazing options. Style is only one of them.

Discover the many advantages of this ever-popular style and get in contact with one of our design consultants for further advice.

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Personalised Designs

Customise your uPVC casement windows so that they complement your home in Sutton in every way. Choose from 200 RAL colours to get a precise match that will add a stylish finishing touch to your design.

Different finishes are available, too. Perhaps you want to get that authentic timber look, but have a limited budget or are concerned about upkeep. Adding a woodgrain foil to your double glazing could solve the problem.

Sculpted and chamfered styles offer further design options for our customers. Our design team will discuss all of the options mentioned here and compile them into a dynamic solution for your home improvement project.

Thermally Efficient

Keeping your home in Sutton comfortable during the colder seasons is one of your primary objectives. Your new double or triple glazing needs to improve more than just the appearance of your property – it needs to deliver superior performance.

Our uPVC windows will reward you with a lower overall U-value. The technology used in products – for example, spacer bars and weather seals – will also help to lower your energy bills. Make a cost efficient purchase today by calling our team.

Better Security

Thermal efficiency is incredibly important. But keeping your property safe at all times matters too. Astral Direct will install uPVC casement windows fitted with the latest security hardware for your peace of mind.

Relax, knowing that your double glazing is providing better all round protection night and day. Intruders will struggle to bypass the tried-and-tested locks and hinges included as standard with your new purchase.

Glazing Options

Glass needs to fulfil two important criteria. Firstly, it needs to improve the appearance of your home in Sutton – which means that the design needs to be thought through properly. Secondly, it needs to perform to a high standard.

Whether you choose double or triple glazing (you can upgrade to the latter for free) your uPVC casement windows will deliver. Depending on the specification you choose, your units could produce an overall U-value of 0.9 and A+ WER rating.

Other glass options for your uPVC casement windows include:

  • Solar. Prevent your home or conservatory in Sutton from getting too hot by blocking the majority of solar rays.
    Self Cleaning. A dedicated but invisible coating removes dirt from your windows automatically when it rains.
  • Obscure. Protect your privacy by choosing obscure glass if your installation is for outside a bathroom.
    Decorative. Embellish the appearance of your uPVC casement windows with Georgian or astragal bars.

Discuss the glazing options available in more detail with one of our experienced design consultants or get a free online quote today.

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Our Experience

Astral Direct frequently works with customers in Sutton and the surrounding areas. We have a strong local reputation for delivering projects on time, to specification and within budget.

We hold many accreditations. For example, we are members of FENSA, which means our work has to meet a consistently high standard. You can trust us to install your windows correctly.

Our commitment to delivering excellent service means that you’ll be fully supported before, during and after we’ve installed your uPVC casement windows.

We recognise how important price is to our customers. You will be able to find double or triple glazing to suit the needs of your project, but without worrying about costs.

The quality of our work is reflected in the consistently high scores our customers give us. Have a look at the testimonials on our Checkatrade page to find out more.

uPVC Casement Windows Prices, Sutton

Talk to one our friendly and knowledgeable design consultants today. Get help choosing the right colour, hardware, accessories and more.

Need an online uPVC casement window quote in a hurry? Get costs on the move using your mobile or tablet by using our free design tool right now.


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uPVC Windows Sutton

Stylish uPVC Windows For Homeowners in Sutton

Find uPVC windows that are perfect for your home improvement project in Sutton by contacting Astral Direct today. We can introduce you to a wide choice of styles and customise your uPVC windows using a choice of colours, finishes, glazing and much more.

Our uPVC windows don’t just look stunning, they deliver outstanding performance. Make your home in Sutton warmer and safer by choosing us as your preferred installer. Call or email us today to find out more or get a free online quote using our design app.

uPVC Windows From Astral Direct: Your Choices

When choosing the right double glazing for your home improvement or refurbishment project, you’ll inevitably have questions. Which style is best? What material should I choose? Whatever your requirements, we’ll have a solution that fits.

uPVC Window Styles

Choosing the right style is important. You want your installation to blend into your home, while also catching attention for all the right reasons.

Whether you want a modern looking or traditional design for your home in Sutton, you’ll be able to find something suitable by exploring our range.

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Casement Windows

Casement uPVC windows continue to be a popular choice for our customers in Sutton, and it’s easy to see why. This style of double glazing opens outward and exhibits a neutral appearance that means it can be installed almost anywhere in a home.

A choice of colours and finishes will be available when customising your uPVC windows. Sculpted and chamfered profiles will be accessible to you too, as will a range of high-end security features that’ll make your property in Sutton safer.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Keep your home in Sutton safer by choosing tilt and turn windows. This style of window can be be opened inward to let in passing breezes, while allowing you to go about your business – safe in the knowledge your property is better protected from intruders.

More glazing is used in tilt and turn uPVC windows, so you’ll be able to enjoy better light penetration. The weather proof design of your double glazing – enabled by high-quality weather seals – will stop your installation from deteriorating over time.

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a traditional timber box sash window, but without having to worry about the extra expense or additional upkeep, our beautiful range of vertical sliding sash windows will be perfect for your project in Sutton.

Our sliding sash uPVC windows offer stunning aesthetics and durability, while also performing across all important criteria. The double glazing we install in your home in Sutton will last for a very long time and repay your investment too.

Choose Your Colours and Glass

A World of Choice

Personalise your uPVC windows. Create profiles that match or tie-in with the design schemes used in your home in Sutton, so that the final product adds genuine market appeal and draws compliments from visitors.

Do you want an exact colour match? If so, then we can help. More than 200 RAL colours will be available to browse; a member of our design team will be on hand to help you make the right selection for your project, too.

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Many Glazing Options

Glass has a dual impact on a home. The physical appearance of your glazing will draw the right kind of attention if well thought through. Equally, your uPVC windows will need to deliver the right level of performance.

Our glass delivers on both levels. We use two recognised and respected glass manufacturers for our installations – Pilkington Glass and Planitherm Glass. You can also choose triple glazing without incurring further costs.

You can further enhance the appearance and behaviour of your upVC windows by choosing:

Performance Glass. We offer many options, each of which will reward you in different ways. For example, you can request an energy efficient option that will help reduce your energy bills and produce a lower U-value. Solar reflective glass is also available and an ideal choice for conservatories, garden rooms or glass box extensions – as it prevents such rooms from getting too hot during the warmer seasons.

Decorative Glass. The appearance of your uPVC windows can be modified depending on where your double glazing is to be installed and your design preferences. We can fit obscure glazing outside a bathroom area where privacy is essential. Georgian and astragal bars can be used to improve the look of your installation too. To uncover the full range of options available for your home improvement project in Sutton, get in touch.

uPVC Windows Prices, Sutton

Contact one of your design consultants to discuss your requirements more in depth. We will help with every aspect of the process to ensure you are happy.

For online uPVC windows prices, please use our free quotation tool. It takes just minutes to use and you can revisit it to get costs on a variety of other products.


Age UK London and Astral join forces for another year

We are delighted to have been verified and accepted  as a proud member of the Age UK London Business Directory for a 2nd year.

The Age UK London Directory and Helpline enables people to connect with a trusted trader who has been approved by the charity.  The aim of the directory is simple, to protect consumers from rogue traders and to give them businesses that have been fully vetted and checked by their staff giving access to trusted businesses who offer good service, quality products and excellent workmanship.

If you would like to check out the directory you can online or call the helpline on 0800 334 5056.


Football Stars Come Out To Shine

Astral Team

We are delighted to see the team we sponsor at Sutton United reach superstardom this season.

The team have just taken the Premier Elite League title for an U12 team and become Surrey Youth League Champions. This is the highest any team can go in their age range, their equivalent of the winning the Premiership.

Director of Astral, Darren Clarke says “We are thrilled that we can sponsor this team and encourage the budding football stars of the future. The boys have really gained from the experience, the friendships that they have made and the team spirit they have learnt and we are delighted to be able to support them.