House Extensions Surrey

House Extensions Surrey

Bespoke house extensions are the perfect choice if you’re looking to make significant renovations to your home. They can improve your house’s market value in the long run, while also offering you a stunning new social space for you and your family.

We offer three different styles of house extensions, with traditional brick-walled builds as well as fully glazed alternatives. With this, you have a wider variety of choices, allowing you to find the extension that best suits your home and its styling.

Ultraframe manufacture and supply our house extensions and their accessories and enhancements. As listed Ultra Installers, we receive a reliable supply of market leading components, which can install in high quality house extensions across Sutton and South London.

When you choose Astral, you’ll be able to open your extension into your garden with a range of door options. We can fit French, patio and bi-folding doors into any of these house extensions, seamlessly connect your house to the outdoors for a brighter and warmer home.

House Extension Features

Super Insulated Columns

One of these high performance columns is fitted to each corner of these rectangular house extensions. They are installed to improve the thermal efficiency of the room, thanks to an insulated core and powder coated aluminium cladding. They trap your home’s natural warmth inside the extension.

High Performance Glazing

Whatever style of roof you choose for your extension, it will come fitted with double glazed roof panels that allow light to filter into the room below. The double glazing helps trap more natural heat, while solar glare technology will prevent excessive amounts of UV rays from passing into our house extensions.

Postcode Engineered

Ultraframe manufacture each of their house extensions using postcode engineering. This is where satellite data is used to predict the estimated wind and rain in your postcode. Where needed, enhancements can be made to the structure to ensure they remain rigid during the adverse weather.

Perimeter Pelmet

Our house extensions come fitted with a perimeter pelmet, which sits internally beneath the roof. They are designed to aid the thermal efficiency of the extension, keeping it warm, even during winter. They can also be fitted with Ultraframe’s central lighting panels, improving the room-like feel of the extension.

Styles & Benefits

These house extensions look very similar to our bespoke conservatories, thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass panels and a double-glazed roof. They work excellently as sunrooms, allowing an unrivalled amount of natural light to pass through. They are still with the same thermal enhancements as our alternatives.

Fitted with Ultraframe’s LivinRoof, these house extensions come with solid grey roof panels that can blend perfectly with a modern, contemporary home. The solid roof works in tandem with insulated columns and perimeter insulation to deliver an unmatched standard of thermal efficiency.

On the flip side, we offer tiled roof house extensions for those looking to add to expand an older home. These tiled roofs deliver excellent aesthetics and come with an enhanced roofline, decorative cornices and the same energy efficient components as our other two house extension styles.

Why Choose a House Extension?

Bespoke Builds

Our house extensions are all built bespoke to order, meaning you’re able to design and customise an extension that suits your home perfectly. We match the brickwork to your existing home and give you the option of different doors and roof options. Your new extension will be tailored to you.

More Spacious

Installing one of our house extensions is a sure-fire way to make your home in Surrey feel more open and spacious. By feeling like a true expansion of your home, your house will feel naturally bigger. Wide-spanning doors and double glazing make for a brighter, which also offers the illusion of more space.

Year-Round Use

Our house extensions can comfortably be used all year round. Light and speaker systems make it feel like an effortless extension of your home, while the insulating enhancements ensure that our house extensions feel naturally warm, even during winter. You’ll use the room as the focal point of your home.


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Use our online quoting engine to get estimated prices for one of our bespoke house extensions. You’ll be able to specify the dimensions you need and your chosen style, allowing you to get free accurate quotes on any device.

We are also happy to provide estimated costs for any of our extensions and conservatories over the phone. Simply leave your details on our online form, and we’ll reach out to you. For anything immediate, you can contact us directly on 020 8683 1234.

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