Aluminium Windows Surrey

Double Glazing from Astral

Key Features

  • Aluminium Framework

  • Thermally Efficient Design

  • Double or Triple Glazing

  • High Security Features

  • Slimline Frame

  • Accessories & Colour Choices

Aluminium Windows Surrey

Aluminium Windows Surrey

Aluminium windows are an industry leading home improvement for you in Surrey. As a material, aluminium provides a better standard of insulation, security and longevity than any other window material. Because of this, our double glazed aluminium windows are becoming increasingly popular across South London.

Unrivalled Performance

Where possible, you should always choose aluminium home improvements over an alternative. It is more durable and delivers a better standard of thermal efficiency, despite weighing less than other frames. With this, they become easier for us to install, leading to quicker installations as well.

Smart Frames

As members of Sternfenster’s approved installer network, we can offer our customers aluminium windows that have been manufactured by Smart. They are a household name in this industry, providing us with higher quality aluminium frames which we can install in your home.

Aluminium Windows Sutton

Benefits of our Aluminium Windows

As mentioned, these windows provide a range of practical benefits for the modern homeowner. With this combination of practicality and visual appeal, it’s no surprise that aluminium is rapidly becoming the most popular window frame material in this area.

Thermally Efficient

Aluminium is a fantastic natural insulator, making it the perfect material for modern windows. When partnered with our stunning double or triple glazing, they will do an exceptional job of trapping your home’s natural heat, keeping it at the optimal temperature all year round.

With aluminium windows, you may not need to have your heating on as high to keep your home warm, even during winter. This means that you could start to save money in the long term, while also doing your bit for the environment. They’re a great long term investment.

More Robust

Despite being naturally lighter than other metals, aluminium is considered to be one of the sturdiest regularly used materials in this industry. As a result, these windows will stand strong against unwanted intruders and against adverse weather conditions.

What’s more, all our double glazed windows are fitted with durable locking systems, for an added layer of home security. You should have total peace of mind that you and your family are protected when you come to Astral for new windows.


Traditionally, aluminium comes in a dark, anthracite grey colour that can deliver subtle but effective visual appeal. However, if that style isn’t for you, then don’t worry. Our aluminium windows are available in a range of different colour finishes.

You’ll also be able to customise and configure the accessories that are fitted to your eventual window. We have a range of handle options, including more traditional styles if you’re interested in adding these windows to an older home. There’s something for everyone.

Aluminium Window Styles

Why Choose Astral?

Renovating to aluminium can be stressful for you as the homeowner. Thankfully, we at Astral make the home improvement process hassle-free for you, thanks to our customer service, 24/7 support and aftercare. Your normal life doesn’t have to be disturbed.

We’ve been in this industry for over four decades. This level of expertise translates into professional installations of higher quality home improvements. When looking to install aluminium windows in your home, you should look no further than Astral.

We’re able to boast a variety of accreditations as a result of our hard work. We are backed by FENSA and Certass and are one of the few businesses in this area to be certified by Kitemark. We are also listed as Which? Ultra Installers and are accredited by Checkatrade.

Aluminium Window Quotes

Aluminium Windows Prices Surrey

If you’re interested in getting estimated prices for a set of our aluminium windows, then use our online quoting engine today. You’ll be able to configure your new double glazing to your exact tastes, allowing you to also get more accurate pricing.

Alternatively, we are happy to provide estimated quotes for these windows over the phone. Just leave your details on our online form, and we’ll contact you. For anything immediate, you can reach Astral Direct by calling 020 8683 1234.



Why Choose Aluminium Windows?

Range of Styles

Our aluminium windows are available in many of same styles as our uPVC frames – this includes the casement and tilt and turn.

Long Lasting

Aluminium has a much better natural lifespan than other building materials, resulting in longer lasting window frames.

Sleek Design

The slimline frames of these stunning windows make for a unique and stunning aesthetic design, perfect for modern homes.



Being a more advanced material, aluminium windows are naturally more expensive than uPVC. However, they are still fantastic value for the price.

Despite having slimmer frames, aluminium windows provide a better standard of home security than windows made from other materials.


Consumer Protection Association
Age UK

Pilkington Obscured Glass Range

arctic glass
autumn glass
chantilly glass
charcoal sticks glass
Charcoal Sticks
contora glass
cotswold glass
digital glass
everglade glass
flemish glass
florielle glass
mayflower glass
minister glass
oak glass
pelerine glass
stippolyte glass
sycamore glass
taffeta glass
warwick glass
Bright Bronze
Bright Bronze
Bright Chrome
Bright Chrome
Satin Chrome
Satin Chrome
Antique Black
Antique Black
Bright Chrome
Bright Chrome
Antique Black
Antique Black
Bright Chrome
Bright Chrome
Antique Black
Antique Black

Standard Colour Range

white colour swatch
Chalk White
Grained White Colour Swatch
White Grain
grey colour Swatch
Painswick Colour Swatch
Clotted Cream Colour Swatch
Clotted Cream
Vintage Cream
Vintage Crean
Cotswold Biscuit Colour Swatch
Cotswold Biscuit
Cotswold Green
Cotswold Green
English Oak Colour Swatch
English Oak
Irish Oak Colour Swatch
Irish Oak
Golden Oak Colour Swatch
Golden Oak
Rosewood Colour Swatch
Silvered Oak Colour Swatch
Silvered Oak
Corse Lawn Colour Swatch
Corse Lawn
Eclectic Grey Colour Swatch
Eclectic Grey
Black Colour Swatch

Standard Colour Range

white grain swatch
White Grain / White
classic cream swatch
Classic Cream / White
chartwell green swatch
Chartwell Green / White
irish oak swatch
Irish Oak / White
golden oak swatch
Golden Oak / White
rosewood swatch
Rosewood / White
nuttree swatch
Nut Tree / White
anthracite grey swatch
Anthracite Grey / White
black borwn swatch
Black Brown / White
white grain swatch
White Grain / White Grain
classic cream swatch
Classic Cream / Classic Cream
Chartwell Green
Chartwell Green / Chartwell Green
irish oak swatch
Irish Oak / Irish Oak
golden oak swatch
Golden Oak / Golden Oak
rosewood swatch
Rosewood / Rosewood
nuttree swatch
Nut Tree / Nut Tree
anthracite grey swatch
Anthracite Grey / Anthracite Grey
black brown swatch
Black Brown / Black Brown

Astral Glazing Solutions are also a proud supplier to the trade.

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