Roof Lanterns Surrey

Roof Lanterns Surrey

Roof lanterns are the newest and most modern roof system available on the market today. They provide sleek, minimalistic aesthetics that can blend effortlessly with a modern home here in Sutton, Surrey and South London. They are a fantastic alternative to traditional conservatory roofs.

A roof lantern is identified as a hipped glass roof that can be fitted to an orangery or house extension. Rather than spanning the entire length of the roof, they are installed onto a flat-roofed area and a made using an aluminium or uPVC framework.

They can be fitted as part of a new extension or orangery you are having fitted by us at Astral Direct. However, they can also be installed via retrofit onto any extension or flat-roofed area that already exists on your home. This could prove to be much more cost effective than installing a new extension.

We work with Ultraframe and Atlas to install these roof lanterns across South London. Both are renowned suppliers of market leading home improvements. This means you’ll be getting a higher quality roof lantern when you choose to come to Astral Direct.

Features of our Roof Lanterns

Fewer Bars

Roof lanterns differ from traditional glazed roofs as they feature fewer bars. What’s more, if you choose an aluminium lantern roof, these bars can be made slimmer to allow an even greater area of double glazing. This improves the aesthetics while allowing the maximum amount of light into your home.

High Quality Glazing

As such a large area of our roof lanterns is comprised of double glazing, it needs to be of the highest quality. This glass does a fantastic job of retaining natural heat, ensuring the extension below is kept at the optimal temperature. Integral UV protection ensures that you aren’t affected by solar glare.

Fixed Pitch

These roof lanterns are created bespoke at a fixed 25-degree angle. This pitch is chosen because of its ability to refract the maximum amount of light into the extension below. As a result, even the darkest of rooms can be made to be bright and warm, helping it feel more spacious and airier.

uPVC or Aluminium

We offer both uPVC and aluminium roof lanterns, to cater to the differing needs and budgets of our customers here in Surrey. Both will deliver an exceptional performance; however aluminium frames are known to offer better insulation and last longer. uPVC is the much more cost-effective option.

Styles & Benefits

Our roof lanterns with new builds and our replacement roof service. Assuming your existing orangery passes our survey, we can fit a new lantern roof to it in no time at all. This can give the extension a new lease of life, providing you with a social space that you can use 12 months a year.

Old extension roofs may not provide the room below will full weatherproofing. On the flip side, these roof lanterns work to fully protect your extension from adverse weather, with integral trickle vents preventing a build-up of standing water. This ensures there is no leaking whatsoever.

Both our uPVC and aluminium roof lanterns provide fantastic thermal efficiency. This can improve drastically improve the heat retention of an existing extension if it’s being fitted as a replacement roof. The improved thermal performance will allow you to enjoy your extension right through the year.

Why Choose Astral Direct?

Better Products

We only work with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the business. We at Astral do this because we believe we should only be offering our customers the best possible home improvement products we can. Our Ultraframe and Atlas roof lanterns are a cut above the rest.

Accredited Installations

We take pride in being an accredited home improvements specialist. We are listed as Ultraframe Ultra Installers, a certification giving to their most reliable installers. We are also backed by FENSA, Kitemark, Certass and Checkatrade for our work across the Sutton area.

The Full Service

We offer the full ‘turnkey’ service here at Astral Direct. This means we can design your products, offer a free home survey, complete the installation, and complete any electrical or plumbing work that is required. We believe you should be able to complete your full renovations in one place.


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