Tiled Conservatory Roofs Reigate

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Reigate

Are you in need of a new tiled conservatory roof for your old conservatory or your new conservatory? If you are in need of a new conservatory roof that offers both aesthetic enhancements and practical benefits, then our tiled conservatory roofs can offer both. The classic design of our tiled conservatory roofs, means they make a great addition to any style or age of Reigate home. Install one of our tiled conservatory roofs and your home will benefit from improved thermal efficiency and security.

What makes our tiled conservatory roofs different from sold roofs is the fact that attached to each panel are 12 tiles. The design of the UltraRoof 380 system tiled conservatory roof means that it will complement many styles of architectural design, particularly a traditional design of your unique Reigate property.

We have chosen to supply our customers with the Ultraframe brand because they have built up an enviable reputation for being one of the market-leading suppliers. Their experience has seen them install tiled conservatory roofs on over two million roofs, components and accessories fitted in the UK. Ultraframe’s reputation is so strong regarding tiled conservatory roofs, that when asked 80% of people looking for a new conservatory roof would choose Ultraframe.

Our tile roof conservatories look as good on a new conservatory as they do on an existing one. Many Reigate customers have chosen to install our tiled conservatory roofs on their conservatories when they want to replace their underperforming polycarbonate roofs.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs, The Feature

Tiled Roof System

Our tiled conservatory roofs are both incredibly light and secure. This makes them incredibly easy to fit and offers your Reigate home a complete weatherproofing solution. The tiles on the roofs are really strong, so whilst they might be light in weight, they can still offer a wide range of important practical benefits. With our tiled conservatory roofs, you get the choice of three different finishes, so you are guaranteed to find one that complements your home.

Double Glazed Panels

If you want to have an extra connection between your conservatory and your Reigate garden, then adding our double glazed windows to your tiled conservatory roof is a great option. The thermal efficiency of your tiled conservatory roof will not diminish as our double glazed panels are made using the highest quality of double glazing. Our double glazed panels have been designed to protect you from the sun’s glare, with our tiled conservatory roofs you can enjoy your extra space throughout the year, no matter how bright the sun.

New Roofline

One of the best benefits that you get when you install our tiled conservatory roof is an improved roofline. With an underperforming conservatory roof, the roofline can cause extra dampness, which can lead to mould and even health issues. With our tiled conservatory roof you get a uPVC roofline that is designed to filter standing water away from the roof, making it a healthier place to relax in.

Interior Enhancements

It’s not just the exterior of your conservatory that our tiled conservatory roofs can enhance, it is the interiors too. Install one in your Reigate conservatory, and you can choose the colour and install central lighting panels. The enhancements don’t just stop there, you can also add spotlights, pendants and even speaker systems.

Styles & Benefits

When you fit one of our tiled conservatory roofs, your entire Reigate property gets an aesthetic boost. Your home will benefit from improved kerbside appeal, which can lead to the value of your property increasing. The traditional and classic style of our tiled conservatory roofs has made them really popular with owners of period properties.

A very important benefit that our tiled conservatory roofs offer is improved thermal efficiency. Thanks to the way our tiled conservatory roofs are made they make your Reigate conservatory water for longer in winter, without you having to turn up the heating. Your conservatory will benefit from improved insulation, making your conservatory a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

The safety of your Reigate is understandably an important factor for you when you are selecting your home improvement product. Our tiled conservatory roofs make your home a safer place, this is because the tiles on these roofs are incredibly strong, making it very difficult for intruders to break your home.

Why Choose Astral Direct?

Fair Pricing

Our prices are always competitive with the local market. We believe that everyone should be able to make their dream home improvements, whatever budget they’re working with. We offer a range of alternatives to our tiled conservatory roofs, ensuring there is something for everyone.

The Full Service

We offer a full ‘turnkey’ service here at Astral Direct. This is where we offer the complete package to our customers, starting with the design, survey and installation and concluding with any electrical work, tiling or plumbing that is needed after your new conservatory is fitted.

An Accredited Installer

Our hard work in Reigate and Surrey over the past four decades has seen us earn an array of accreditations. We are certified by FENSA, Certass and Trustmark, while also being backed by Checkatrade. We are also listed as Which? Ultra Installers for our conservatory installations.


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