Tiled Conservatory Roofs Epsom

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Epsom

Are you having your existing conservatory repaired or perhaps you are having a new one built in your Epsom home, whichever option is yours, our tiled conservatory roofs will be perfect for you. These tiled conservatory roofs’ classic design mean that they will be the perfect choice for any age and architectural style of property. It’s not just the aesthetics they enhance, they also for several practical benefits as well, including thermal efficiency and security.

The way our tiled conservatory roofs are constructed is similar to a traditional solid roof, but they come with solid panels on which 12 tiles are fitted each. The tiled conservatory roofs from the UltraRoof 380 systems give you a traditional, timeless aesthetic, so no matter the architectural age of your Epsom home, our tiled conservatory roofs will create a seamless blend rather than an awkward add-on.

We have decided to offer our customers the Ultraframe collection, as they have built up a reputation for offering the greatest collection on the market today. Ultraframe is considered to be leaders in the tiled conservatory roofs marketplace, having installed over two million roofs, components and accessories in the UK. Customer research has discovered that around 80% of people looking to install a tiled conservatory roof would choose Ultraframe.

Their tiled conservatory roofs make great additions to existing conservatories, where people are looking to replace their outdated polycarbonate roof, to ensure their conservatory performs at a better standard.

Benefits of our Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Tiled Roof System

Our tiled conservatory panels, as their name suggests, come with tiles affixed to their panels. There are many benefits associated with this, one is the fact that these tiled conservatory roofs are really lightweight. This makes them incredibly easy to fit on your Epsom home. Though they might be light in weight does not mean that they’re not strong and robust. Our tiles are also available in different finishes, so you can be guaranteed to find one that complements your home.

Double Glazed Panels

If you want to ensure that your conservatory enjoys views of Epsom and the surrounding countryside, you might want to think of installing double glazed panels in your tiled conservatory roof. The thermal efficiency of your tiled conservatory roof will remain at its excellent level, as the panels are fitted with high-quality double glazing. The double glazed panels in your tiled conservatory roof are designed to stop the harsh summer sun beating down on you.

New Roofline

When you choose to install our tiled conservatory roof in your Epsom home, you will benefit from a new roofline. Old rooflines often suffer from poor guttering, which can lead to mould and dampness, which can prove to be bad for your health. When you install our tiled conservatory roof, you get a high-performing uPVC roofline which offers you protection from leaky gutters.

Interior Enhancements

To ensure that your conservatory looks warm and cosy, we offer a great range of enhancements that can be fitted to your tiled conservatory roof. These include spotlights, pendants and speaker systems. There is also the opportunity for you to choose the colour and fix central lighting panels.

Styles & Benefits

When you install one of our tiled conservatory roofs in your Epsom property, you are giving your home a visual boost. Research has shown that homeowners who install one of our tiled conservatory roofs, have seen the value of their property increase. The classic design of our tiled conservatory roofs makes them a great choice for a more traditional homes in Epsom.

Could be a new roof on an existing conservatory or a brand new conservatory, whichever you are using our tiled roof conservatory roof for, you will benefit from increased thermal efficiency. This means you can enjoy your conservatory throughout the year, with it never being too warm in summer or too cold in winter.

One of the most useful practical benefits that our tiled conservatory roofs can offer you is enhanced security. The tiles that are fitted on our tiled conservatory roofs are incredibly strong, making it very difficult for intruders to break in through your roof. Combine the inherent strength of our tiled conservatory roofs and the existing security in your Epsom home and you’ll see how your home becomes a more secure place to live in.

Why Choose Astral Direct?

Fair Pricing

Our prices are always competitive with the local market. We believe that everyone should be able to make their dream home improvements, whatever budget they’re working with. We offer a range of alternatives to our tiled conservatory roofs, ensuring there is something for everyone.

The Full Service

We offer a full ‘turnkey’ service here at Astral Direct. This is where we offer the complete package to our customers, starting with the design, survey and installation and concluding with any electrical work, tiling or plumbing that is needed after your new conservatory is fitted.

An Accredited Installer

Our hard work in Epsom and Surrey over the past four decades has seen us earn an array of accreditations. We are certified by FENSA, Certass and Trustmark, while also being backed by Checkatrade. We are also listed as Which? Ultra Installers for our conservatory installations.


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