Tiled Conservatory Roofs Croydon

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Croydon

Whether you are having a new conservatory built or your old one needs renovation, one of the best additions to it is one of our tiled conservatory roofs. When you do, your Croydon home will benefit from both aesthetic enhancement and practical benefits. Thanks to the design of our tiled replacement roofs, they will complement any age and style of your home. Fit one of these tiled conservatory roofs and your home will become more secure and thermally efficient.

What are tiled conservatory roofs? The answer is that they are similar to a solid roof, but each panel on the roof is fitted with 12 tiles. We stock the UltraRoof 380 systems, as their tiled conservatory roofs’ timeless style means that no matter the architectural style of your Croydon property, the blend will be seamless.

We chose to stock the Ultraframe collection of tiled conservatory roofs because they have built the reputation of being the best in the industry today. The proof is that they have fitted over two million roofs, components and accessories in the UK alone. When you ask people who are looking for a tiled conservatory roof which brand they would like, the answer for 80% of them is Ultraframe.

These tiled conservatory roofs make a green addition to both existing and new conservatories as their design is so flexible. Many Croydon customers with an outdated polycarbonate roof, have chosen to update their conservatory with our tiled conservatory roofs.

The Features

Tiled Roof System

The fact that as the name implies, our tiled conservatory roofs are fitted with tiles. The benefits of having tiles on the roof make it not only easy to install but also incredibly rigid and strong. These tiled conservatory roofs are also highly weatherproof. Our tiled conservatory roofs come with tiles that are available in three finishes, so you will be sure to find a roof that complements your Croydon home, no matter its age or style. Our tiled conservatory roofs really are the most flexible option you can choose.

Double Glazed Panels

Whilst you will appreciate the privacy that our tiled conservatory roofs offer, you might want to add our double glazed panels to yours. This is because when you do, you will be able to enjoy views out of your Croydon garden and the surrounding areas. The thermal efficiency of your tiled conservatory roof will remain impressive as the double glazing we use in the panels is of the highest quality. Don’t worry about the sun’s glare the glass is designed to reflect the sun’s rays away from you.

Impressive Roofline

One of the most important aspects of your conservatory roof is its roofline, older ones have a reputation for being poor. What this means in practical terms is that the guttering doesn’t work that well, which leads to dampness and poor ventilation, which can be detrimental to your health. When you choose one of our tiled conservatory roofs for your Croydon home, you’ll be pleased to hear that it is designed to filter standing water away from the roof. This ensures that your conservatory is dry and healthy to relax in, all thanks to our tiled conservatory roof.

Interior Enhancements

With older conservatories, it is not unusual for the interiors to look outdated and uncomfortable. To give your conservatory a more modern and stylish appearance, when you choose to install our tiled conservatory roofs they come with a set of optional extras including central lighting panels, colour choices, spotlights, pendants and even speaker systems.

Styles & Benefits

Our tiled conservatory roofs give your Croydon home a visual boost. The kerbside appeal of your home will increase and some people have reported that after installing our tiled conservatory roofs they have seen their home rise in value. Our tiled conservatory roofs give you the ideal combination of form and function.

If you think that conservatories are cold in winter and too hot in summer, then our tiled conservatory roofs will change your mind. Your Croydon conservatory will be at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, no matter how cold or warm it is. Our tiled conservatory roofs ensure that you will enjoy relaxing in your conservatory without having to turn up the heating in the colder months.

Thanks to the design of our tiled conservatory roofs, your Croydon will become a more secure place to live. The strength of the actual tiles is so high that it is virtually impossible for anyone to break in through the roof. Combine this with the other security features in your home and you can be confident that with our tiled conservatory roofs, your home is a safe and secure place to live.

Why Choose Astral Direct?

Fair Pricing

Our prices are always competitive with the local market. We believe that everyone should be able to make their dream home improvements, whatever budget they’re working with. We offer a range of alternatives to our tiled conservatory roofs, ensuring there is something for everyone.

The Full Service

We offer a full ‘turnkey’ service here at Astral Direct. This is where we offer the complete package to our customers, starting with the design, survey and installation and concluding with any electrical work, tiling or plumbing that is needed after your new conservatory is fitted.

An Accredited Installer

Our hard work in Croydon and Surrey over the past four decades has seen us earn an array of accreditations. We are certified by FENSA, Certass and Trustmark, while also being backed by Checkatrade. We are also listed as Which? Ultra Installers for our conservatory installations.


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