Heritage Windows Banstead

Heritage Windows Banstead


Upgrade your Banstead home with heritage windows from Astral Direct! Choosing our windows is a fantastic way to increase the value of your home while also improving its physical appearance and function. Our heritage windows offer a host of practical benefits, their quality performance ranging from energy efficiency to security to increased weather resistance.

Here at Astral, we boast over four decades of experience in the home improvement sector. Our principles have always been simple, fair prices and stellar service, so when you choose Astral, you can rest assured you will receive the best installations for the best price. We have installed many heritage windows for other Banstead residents, so we have plenty of knowledge to apply to your project. Get started today by using our online design tool to get your free bespoke quote!

Hardwood Replicated 

Here at Astral, we are pleased to introduce our unique range of heritage windows. These windows are designed to replicate the look of flush sash hardwood windows typically found in old cottage properties and historic buildings. 

However, thanks to modern innovation, you can now enjoy the traditional look of these windows without the expensive to fix problems that timber frames often experience. Our patented composite material won’t rot, leak, crack or warp over time and requires virtually no maintenance, just a quick wipe down now and then. Enjoy the authentic look and feel of heritage windows without the upkeep.


Quality Performance 

Our heritage windows are built to accommodate both standard 28mm double glazing and 44mm triple glazing. These robust panes have achieved some of the highest classifications of weather testing. Their unique composite frames repel wind and rain preventing chilly draughts and unwanted water ingress, unlike their traditional predecessors. 

Our heritage window units are also hermetically sealed in a managed, quality-controlled environment to give outstanding heat and sound insulation results. This will help you stay cosy inside your Banstead property by keeping hot air in your home, thus meaning you stay warmer for longer. Over time this could reduce your reliance on central heating, meaning you could spend less on those ever rising energy bills. 


Beautiful Design 

Each of our heritage windows is hand-finished and made by expert craftsmen to maintain their historic character. Available in a variety of colours, our heritage windows are the perfect choice for your Banstead home, whether you want to update your current systems or add some traditional flair. They can also be incorporated into orangeries and garden rooms to add a classic touch. 

Due to their authentic look and feel, heritage windows can also be used in genuine conservation areas. They are a long term solution to help maintain a property’s traditional aesthetic while keeping the property sealed and secure against intruders and the elements.


Why Choose Heritage Windows?

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Choose Your Colour

Because 19th century windows were painted and not stained, our heritage windows are only available in traditional colours. The most popular of which is grained white, but there are 13 options for you to choose from so you can select the best fit for your property. The 'easy clean rebates' are also foiled in the same finish, which means their appearance is maintained even when your heritage window is open.

Heritage Windows Banstead

Clear Glass Finishes

Our glass units are tightly sealed, designed to provide excellent heat retention and weather resistance, as well as high levels of soundproofing and security. We are able to provide a wide range of specialist glazing solutions for your heritage windows, including: energy efficient glass, enhanced soundproofing glass, self-cleaning glass, solar reflective glass, toughened glass, laminated glass and privacy glass.

Decorative windows glass

Decorative Glass Finishes

Our Astral glazing design consultants can help you choose the best glass for your property, including replicating features from original heritage windows such as: diamond and square leaded glass, bespoke lead and coloured lead glass, Georgian and astragal bar, arched heads, obscured glass and satin glass.

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Transform your Banstead home when you install heritage windows from Astral Direct. Enjoy the traditional look without the high maintenance and let your home benefit from their improved practical functions. Visit our  online quoting tool  to get started; simply input your dimensions, and we will get back to you with a free, bespoke quote. 

You can also get in touch with us through our online contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 8683 1234 to speak to a member of our helpful team about your new windows.

We look forward to working with you!

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