Installing windows in a domestic property can be a challenge but installing windows in a school is almost certainly a challenge with the scale and planning of such a project, to fit in with the school timetable, a significant factor in managing a large installation.

We have worked closely with several schools in recent years planning and managing projects to work around the academic year, working closely with the on-site facilities team to ensure that Health and Safety and school policies are adhered to.

One of our most recent projects has been with Whitgift School in Croydon. In 2016 the school wanted to mount an exhibition to commemorate the students that had fought during WW1.  As part of this project they decided that the building that was to house the exhibition needed to be upgraded and worked with Astral to project manage the installation.  Working with Mark Blendell, the school looked at increasing light into the hall by replacing the high-level sky light windows. They also wanted to make the entrance more accessible to incorporate the exhibition graphics to create a stunning entry point for visitors.

The outcome gave the exhibition team the opportunity to display amazing graphics within the windows and the school were exceptionally pleased with the outcome.

“Astral have always given Whitgift School an extremely prompt and efficient service, often working to tight deadlines.  They have also successfully undertaken a couple of very challenging projects and have come up with effective and workable solutions.  Combined with excellent customer service, professional installation and competitive prices the School will continue to make full use of Astral going forward.”

James Stremes, Whitgift School, Croydon, Surrey