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Black Composite doors

Security in mind

Many people worry at this time of year that their homes are not secure, especially when they are away visiting over the holidays or have an abundance of gifts under the tree.  Sadly, the winter months are the peak time for breaking and entering your home with the dark nights making it much easier for…

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Case Study - Whitgift School

Installing windows in a domestic property can be a challenge but installing windows in a school is almost certainly a challenge with the scale and planning of such a project, to fit in with the school timetable, a significant factor in managing a large installation. We have worked closely with several schools in recent years…

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Proud Members of Age UK London Business Direc...

At Astral Security Windows, we are delighted to have been verified and accepted as a proud member of the Age UK London Business Directory.  So, what does this mean? Launched in 2013 the Age UK London Directory and Helpline enables people to connect with a trusted trader who has been approved by the charity.  The…

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