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Sliding patio doors are a versatile option for homeowners in Sutton. These space-saving designs are a great alternative to other back door options that offer several benefits. When installed on a low profile slider, these features remove any need for space to allow for a swing motion. These doors can open up your indoor space by improving your outdoor accessibility and allowing for greater natural lighting. We use trusted suppliers to ensure that you receive the best quality product for your Sutton home.

Benefits of Sliding Doors

Astral Direct sliding doors are designed to suit modern and traditional homes in Sutton. Sliding doors are a great space-saving alternative to other back door options that can improve accessibility within your property. Not only is it a versatile option, but sliding doors also offer other functional benefits.

Thermally Efficient

Our sliding doors are available in both double and triple glazing options. Further to this, both uPVC and aluminium sliding doors are great insulators. These materials mean that our sliding doors are thermally efficient, protecting you from any draughts and keeping you warm inside. This feature could potentially save you costs on your energy bills.


Sliding doors offer great protection and security for your home. The durable frameworks mean that your Sutton home is secure. Our sliding doors also feature locking systems that are designed to withstand shock. These features alongside the double or triple glazed glass are designed not to be compromised by weather or shock.


We offer the choice of uPVC or aluminium frames for your sliding doors. Offering a choice of materials means that our products suit all home types within Sutton, whether modern or traditional homes. Both materials used are designed to be secure and thermally efficient while remaining low maintenance.

Our uPVC frames are more cost-effective, while our aluminium frames offer a longer lifespan. Our aluminium frames are made from a naturally lightweight and robust material. This product can last up to two decades without any sign of wear.

Why Choose Astral?

Astral Direct is a home improvement specialist that you can trust. With over four decades of experience within the industry, we are a reliable supplier for sliding doors in Sutton. We are a reliable approved trader by Checkatrade and are backed by FENSA and Certass. Each of our installers is individually Kitemark Certified.

We ensure that our products are installed swiftly and professionally while upholding excellent customer service. We take pride in remaining competitive within the Sutton market and ensuring that you always receive a fair price on window glazing, your sliding door installations.

Sliding Door Prices Sutton

Upgrade your Sutton home garden space today with sliding doors. These space-saving designs are not only efficient but keep your property secure. With choices of frames and double or triple glazing options, you will find the perfect installation for your Sutton home. 

Start your quote today with our online quoting service and receive an estimated price instantly. You can also contact us on our online forms, and a member of our team will get back to you on any queries you may have.

Alternatively, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have on our Sutton sliding doors or any additional products or services. You can give our office a call on 02086 831234, and we’ll happily answer any questions to have for us.

Why Choose Sliding Doors?

Patio Door Styles

Low Maintenance

Our products are designed to not require much aftercare following installation. Neither uPVC nor aluminium frames are high maintenance materials. Our aluminium sliding doors are designed to withstand signs of wear and tear for two decades.

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The design of our sliding doors means that they are a great space-saving option. We also offer a low threshold option to improve access through the doorway. This design is perfect for properties in Sutton that may need a wheelchair or pushchair access.

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Each installation is fully weatherproof. These installations protect your home from any potential leaks or draughts and help improve your home's energy efficiency. Our sealed installations ensure that your Sutton home is also protected from rot or water damage.



Both our uPVC and aluminium frames are cost-effective and thermally efficient. They are low maintenance once installed and cost-effective. Our aluminium frames can last up to two decades before showing signs of wear.

Our sliding doors feature durable locking systems. Once unlocked, our sliding doors glide along the installed rails with ease. These mechanisms make them suitable for many properties within Sutton.


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Astral Glazing Solutions are also a proud supplier to the trade.

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