Orangeries Epsom

Orangeries Epsom

Orangeries are a type of extension that is a popular addition to homes around the Epsom region. They take the best features of a conservatory and an extension, so you get the best of both worlds.

They generally come with a double glazed or lantern roof, which allows plenty of natural light to flood into the space below. However, rather than having a dwarf wall that supports large glass panels, our orangeries are built with full-size brick walls which are fitted with high quality double glazing.

This ensures the build looks very similar to a traditional extension. However, the glazed roof keeps the room bright, welcoming and airy. Orangeries are the perfect space to use all year round, acting as a garden room during the summer months and as a warm extension during winter.

Our range of orangeries is manufactured by Ultraframe, who we are Ultra Installers for. Their products are the industry leaders, supplying higher quality components that deliver better quality for longer.


Orangery Features

Super Insulated Columns

Our range of orangeries come installed with super insulated columns in every corner of the rectangular floorplan. They work to improve the thermal efficiency of our orangeries, allowing them to better retain natural heat. With this, you may rely less on your central heating in your Epsom home and could enjoy lower prices.

Structural Goalpost

Orangeries come with an integral structural goalpost. This feature works to support the rigidity of the structure, ensuring our extensions can be fitted with wider-spanning doors without causing excessive pressure. Our bespoke range of orangeries can be fitted with French or patio doors, as well as our robust yet contemporary aluminium bi-fold doors.

Brick Walls

Orangeries stand out to conservatories because they feature full-height brick walls. This brickwork will be matched to your existing Epsom property, for a unified, elegant finish. These brick walls will also improve your levels of privacy, while also delivering improved security and thermal efficiency.

Roof Options

Our orangeries come with a variety of roofing options, allowing you to find the perfect finish for your Epsom home and budget. These orangeries can come with a aluminium or uPVC glazed roof, as well as the UltraSky upgrade. Flood your home with light by opting for our roof lanterns.

Styles & Benefits

As the name indicates, these orangeries take a traditional design and give it a modern twist. Externally, they deliver modern aesthetics that suit new builds in Epsom. This is thanks to a range of colour options and a sleek UltraSky roof. Internally, loggia columns and a wide insulated pelmet offer improved levels of thermal efficiency, enabling these extensions to be enjoyed all year round

Designed by Ultraframe, they are an ideal installation for older homes. Traditional orangeries include more brickwork and minimal uPVC. The brickwork is matched and made to measure, so these orangeries feel like a seamless extension of your Epsom property. They are still fitted with similar enhancements, including insulating loggia columns and perimeter pelmets. You also have the option to add a central lighting panel.

These orangeries come fitted with Ultraframe’s bespoke roof lanterns, which include fewer bars and slim sightlines to allow more natural light to flood your Epsom home. The flat roof also offers more space for speakers and internal lights, making the area feel truly room like. This makes our orangeries feel warmer and more welcoming, making them feel like a true extension of your existing home.

Why Choose an Orangery?

Orangeries Epsom

Stunning Design

By taking the best parts of a conservatory and an extension, our orangeries deliver unrivalled visual appeal. The brickwork can be matched to your existing architecture, for an effortless and unified finish. Your Epsom home will look significantly better with an orangery extension.

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More Secure

Our orangeries are built to protect you, your family and your home. The materials used for the structure are durable and weatherproof, while the doors and windows come fitted with robust multi-point locking systems. You can enjoy form and function with these installations.

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Thermally Efficient

The super insulated columns and perimeter pelmets installed internally into our orangeries help improve their thermal performance. They work hard to ensure that as much natural heat is trapped inside your Epsom as possible. This will provide you with a social space you can enjoy all year round, no matter the weather outside.



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