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The Benefits Of Double Glazing

The Benefits Of Double Glazing

As professional experts in the field of double glazing and home improvements, we are often asked questions by our customers in the Surrey and the South London areas. The most common query that comes up most often is: ‘what are the benefits of installing double glazing in my home’?

Compared to single glazing, there is a wide range of advantages when it comes to replacing your existing units and replacing them with modern and high-performing alternatives. Better performance and improved aesthetics are the two main benefits you’ll notice straight away.

The real question is this: ‘Can you afford not to replace your double glazing?’ Poorly installed windows and doors – or units that were fitted a long time ago – will be costing you money and decreasing the value of your property!

Three Advantages Of Double Glazing

Improved Thermal Efficiency

You need to replace your existing double glazing with modern windows and doors that will more effectively retain heat, while also stopping cold air from penetrating your home and contributing to the development of mould, condensation and other unwanted problems which can lead to more extensive damage and expensive house repairs.


What you are aiming for is a lower overall U-value, which is described by a numerical value. The lower the score, the more effective the window or door is at creating a thermal barrier that’ll keep your home comfortable. Guidelines vary depending on location.

So, when looking online for double glazing in the Surrey or South London area, take care to research what score your doors or windows will yield. You may also want to check the recommended U-value for your location by checking existing building regulations.

Naturally, the lower the U-value, the more cost-efficient the double glazing. Your home will be more energy efficient as a result and produce a notably smaller carbon footprint, which means you’ll be having a more positive effect on the environment. Why not enquire further now.

Your Choice of Double Glazing Styles

Although performance matters, homeowners often decide to fit new double glazing because they want to improve the appearance of their property – simply to bring it up to date or with a view to selling for a profit in the future.

A wide range of double glazing styles and finishes are available too. If you need to update your windows, the casement style is ideal for almost any kind of property. Alternatively, bow and bay windows create more internal space and create an external feature.

Alternatively, explore the many front door and back door options available. Bi-fold doors that feature high glass-to-frame ratios – and strong composite doors designed to greet guests in style – are just two examples of the double glazing choices you’ll be able to discover.

Double Glazing FAQs

Can I Customise My Windows and Doors?

Yes, you’ll be able to customise your windows and doors by selecting a colour to suit your home. Different textures are available, too. For example, you can request a woodgrain foil to be added to your design if you like the look of wooden window or doors. The appearance and performance of your double glazing can be further improved by upgrading your glass and hardware and by adding accessories.

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

Inevitably, the cost of double glazing will vary depending on the quality of the profile you are buying and whether you choose to upgrade your design by adding key enhancements. For example, choosing non standard colour or foil – or upgrading your security hardware – will bump up the overall cost of your purchase. A reputable installer will be happy to quote on any extras before asking for money.

What Double Glazing Material Is Best?

You’ll be able to choose from a range of options, depending on the company you choose. The three most popular materials used are: uPVC, wood, aluminium. These three options have been arranged in price order to help you. Each of these options is equally valid and will bring with it a range of unique benefits.

As a guide:

  • Aluminium is stronger than uPVC and wood and less of it is needed, resulting in double glazing that features more glass and less frame
  • uPVC is the affordable option and be design-tweaked to look like wood if you can’t afford the cost of wooden double glazing
  • Wood is ideal for properties in heritage areas, although it requires extensive upkeep – so you will need to bear this fact in mind

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How Long Will My Double Glazing Last?

Again, how long your double glazing lasts will depend on a range of factors: (i) the quality of the product; (ii) who installs your windows and doors; and (iii) the material you choose. As an example, a good aluminium window will could last for decades.

Do You Have a Double Glazing Question?

If you live in Surrey or the South London area, contact the Astral Direct team with any questions you have. We won’t pressure you to buy anything. Call or email us today or explore a range of design options using our free quoting tool.